"Using NLP, Reiki and Hypnosis, Cindy has given me immediate relief and resolution with two situations that had me stuck and were driving me crazy!"

"I highly recommend Life Coach, Cindy Bryant-Peterson."

"First, I was very reticent about trying some newly learned techniques in my line of work -- nervous how I would be received, insecure about even discussing the work with anyone new.  After my very first session with her, I was "flabbergasted" when my next client arrived and I just started easily and confidently using the new techniques without any reservation or second thoughts. My confidence has not waned."

"Second, many weeks later, after losing my keys for a full week and searching high and low on a daily basis, I finally contacted Cindy for a session to see if she could help me solve that problem. (The keys were going to cost me $300 to replace!)  She did whatever she does (magic?) and I left thinking, How can that possibly work?! Yep, within an hour of being home, I found my keys!!!  Cindy Bryant-Peterson knows her stuff!"

"Cindy brings professionalism, wisdom, humor, intuition and her own life experiences to the table and offers something I don't ever want to be without!  Thanks Cindy!!!"

~ Sally, Kenmore, WA, April 2012

Cindy Bryant-Peterson LMP

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